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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Truth About Pak Lah As Tun Musa See It

Pak Lah’s has more weaknesses than strengthTun Musa Hitam

Highlights - On Pak Lah
Pak Lah has more weaknesses than strength”, said Tun Musa.

Tun Musa Hitam was the guest for monthly dinner talk organized by HBS Alumni Association. This close talk was held in KL Hilton and around 25 alumnis attended this dinner meeting.

Bad Time Management

Tun Musa recalled his meeting with Pak Lah and highlighted his concern with Pak Lah’s bad time management. Tun Musa also mentioned that Pak Lah now understand and appreciate his concern and have improve since then. Compared to the previous PM Tun Musa added, Pak Lah is more open and transparent in his approached. The challenge for Pak Lah is to get the right set of people surrounding him and managing the cabinet.

Tun Musa was mentioning about his meeting with Sultan Brunei on the recent quarrel between Tun Mahathir and Pak Lah. Tun Musa responded that Tum Mahathir is a man who is extremely confident with himself and Pak Lah is a man who is extremely confident in God, to a point of irritation. You can’t get angry with Pak Lah, cause he is the Mr Nice Guy. Tidak Apa. No matter how hard Tun Mahathir poked Pak Lah, he is still not responding. (“Elegant silent”????). But recent developmet in Umno General Assemlby were Pak Lah says is hard to be nice all the time, is an alarming notice of Pak Lah’ growing impatience.

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