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Sunday, April 22, 2007


The realm of possibilities

Mahathir appeared concerned that there is a real danger Najib would be brought down. Nevertheless, Mahathir is disappointed that Najib seems to not understand on which side his bread is buttered, openly expresses his undying support for Abdullah. This is the man who is trying to cut his (Najib) career short, yet he swoons at his executioner’s feet.

“What does Anwar want?” Mahathir asked Raja Petra at one meeting some time back.

“To become Prime Minister,” he replied.

“And how is he going to do that?”

“By becoming the President of Umno,” he replied.

“Will Umno accept him?”

This was not so much a question as it was a statement of sorts. “If Anwar’s sacking in September 1998 can be classified illegal and unconstitutional, then Umno has no choice but to accept him back,” he explained. “It is not so much that Anwar is returning to Umno but rather he never left. If one is a victim of wrongful dismissal, then the party has to reinstate him to his last position with no loss of rank, seniority, benefits, etc.”

“But Najib is now the number two.”

“Right, so they must first remove Najib and create a vacancy before they can deliberate whether you, as the Umno President then, sacked Anwar according to the proper procedure and in compliance to the party constitution. The fact that his sacking was based on his alleged sexual misconduct, which the Federal Court has acquitted him for based on grounds that the prosecution failed to prove Anwar’s guilt, means he was wrongfully dismissed. And he was sacked from Umno even before he was arrested, charged, tried and pronounced guilty, based purely on your testimony that he is guilty. And now the court, in a way, says you were wrong.”

Anwar, the PKR advisor, has repeatedly drawn Najib’s name into the gruesome murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu. The Mongolian national aged 28 was murdered and her body was blown to bits with a powerful plastic explosive at a secondary forest near the Subang Dam at Puncak Alam, Shah Alam last October. Two officers from a police elite unit have been charged with murder while a think-tanker closely linked to Najib has been charged with abetting them.

What made Mahathir sit up was when he noticed that the man leading the ‘Get Najib’ charge is no other than his nemesis, Anwar Ibrahim. And Mahathir strongly believes that Anwar is working with another man he detests, Khairy Jamaluddin, the Prime Minister’s son-in-law. One of the two is intolerable enough for Mahathir. Both at the same time is utterly detestable. And Mahathir would certainly not want to see the Gerakan Anti-Najib movement succeed in its plan to oust Najib, especially if Anwar and Khairy are behind it.

In a battle to the death there is only one winner, not two. Only one walks away to lick his wounds. The other must die in the arena. He never walks away. He is carried away then thrown into a hole in the ground. But a battle to the death is a game for tough and seasoned gladiators. This is not a game for pussies. And which are you Najib, gladiator or pussy? Pussies (of the feline kind of course) purr. Tigers roar. All we can hear is you purring at Abdullah’s feet. And that sickens Mahathir to his stomach. He wants to hear you roar. And until you do you can count on Mahathir allowing the wolves to encircle you. But wolves encircle only to size up their prey and to strategise how to move in for the kill. And move in they will. Will they move in this July and will you be just one more in a string of Deputy Prime Ministers who never makes Prime Minister, wrote Raja Petra Kamarudin in his web portal Malaysia Today

The Art of Political Deceits

This is what Dr Azly Rahman ( wrote in his column 'A REPUBLIC OF VIRTUE' with Malaysia Today an internet based media portal. Perhaps these are the things we can ponders on, an analysis of 'The Machiavellis in Malaysian politics'. I called it 'The Art of Political Deceits'.

"One of the best strategies to keep a political party in power is to keep the voters 'educated' only to a certain level of intelligence, and to give them enough goodies for them to want more at every cycle of election. Give them money, 'kain pelika't, 'kain batik', rice, cigarettes, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, RM200 and instant 'development packages' – new roads, new playgrounds, new schools, new promises, etc, so that they will be happier voters. Let them corrode their own moral character and let the children of these voters learn that this are what democracy, politics, and elections is all about.

This is the structure of dependency. This is the systematic programme of the maintenance of the 'welfare' mentality – the ideology of the 'hand that feed'. This, too, is the current paradigm and ideology of technology transfer from global corporations wishing to develop the Iskandar Development Region or the Multimedia Super Corridor. The advanced, industrialised countries will give aid and some help with technology to the industrialising countries so that the former will continue to control and manipulate while the latter will be continue to be controlled and be manipulated.

The structure of dependency constitutes 'structural violence'. The paternal relationship forged structures the relationship between the giver and the receiver, the oppressor and the oppressed. This curriculum of totalitarianism is hidden.

Until voters are intelligent enough to understand this structure of dependency and are wise and ethical enough to reject the goodies from the 'hands that giveth', we will still see corrupt politicians installed to further transform the lives of others through development projects created so that it is not that the people that will benefit, but the few people that will make sure that they themselves will reap the benefits.

Far too much we hear the word 'progress and development' these days. We hear of our economy doing well. We hear of the 'jihad' against corruption and poverty being intensified. We hear slogans, rhetoric and 'managed perception'. We do not know what is real and what is invention anymore. We see an intensifying effort to divide, subdivide, fragment, and dissipate progressive parties that are trying to bring about immediate and radical change".

This was exactly what was happening during the Sarawak State Election 2006, perpetrated by the State BN to the Sarawakian voters. This political strategies of the Barisan Nasional (BN) has perpetuates eversince only for the sake of political hegemony.

The voters should act pejoratively to such a decaying tactics if only they wants a fair democratic election and a fair representation in the government to monitor blatant abuse of power in the government of the day. The voters must be wised and ethical enough to reject the goodies.

So long the voters lust temptation remains for immediate materials gain; to simply quote Tun Dr Mahathir words, "The people deserve the government they elected".

"Let our children learn that it is terrifying to be corrupt; such as to build palaces while the homes of the poor demolished. Let us teach them to vote with their conscience" ....

"The current regime cannot solve the problems it creates. It must dismantle itself, die a natural death, destroy the symbols of power it has abused, and let a peaceful renewal take its natural course" ...Dr Azly Rahman

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


An Eye-opener: James Jemut (left) Philimon (right) Ugak (centre).

Land Development Minister Dato Sri Dr James Masing has advised the new generation of Dayaks to inculcate in themselves the element of pride (maruah) and not let “others” to lead them.

Now Masing talk sense, or is he?. But don't forget, does it not James Masing who spoke highly of Datuk Sng during the PBDS crisis to lead the party? Does it not Masing who cohorts with the devil Sgn to break up PBDS? Does it not James Masing who object to Datuk Daniel Tajem to lead PBDS, an Iban leader with a mojrity Iban members in the PBDS then?

Addressing 600 ‘Pemimpin Bersama Rakyat’ diners at the Civic Centre here on Saturday night, Masing, who heads one of two factions in Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), said young Dayaks should know by now that they were capable of leading their community themselves.

Perhap James Masing is back to his senses after being pushed to a corner and now wants the dayaks to support him in his struggle to lead PRS. He said in any organisation where they were the majority, Dayaks should not allow “others” to assume leadership and decide their future for them. What the hell this jerk is talking? Is this a rational or an emotional plea? To simply say, 'Dayak should not allow "others" to assume leadership and decide their future for them', is not a rational thought because it is a thought that is generated out of emotion. A desperate politican who succumbed to his own folly. To say, 'that Dayaks were capable of leading their community themselves' is a thought coming from the rational brain. At last you have come to your senses to recognize that the Dayak must be in control of their own destiny.

James Masing said he was disappointed that a small group in the Dayak community had allowed themselves to be led by “others”. Ha ha aha... is it not James Masing who cohort with Datuk Sng to break-up PBDS? Is it not James Masing who lead a small disgruntled group of dayaks supporters in the PBDS then to rebel against the Dayak leadership in the PBDS that lead to a PBDS deregistration? Now out of desperation he accused other dayak being allowed themselves to be led by “others”. You see James Jemut, You reap what you sowed. You deserved what you're into.

"For all the skills and the experiences that we have accumulated over these years, they are not willing to stand on their own two feet and stand for what is rightfully theirs,” he said. What a crap? Come on, you betrayed them 'Jerk'. You're the one who lead them astray. And now you're being emotionally desperate for their supports, you demeaning them?. What a conman! Rational man get what he deserved, emotional man deserved what he got himself into. James Jemut Masing you're a HYPOCRITE!!, LIAR... LIAR. Dayak has lost trust in you to lead. You have betrayed their trust in you. "Once bitten, twice shy". Its time for you to retire from active politic for the sake of the dayak community at large, for unity and prosperity. Its good that you have comes to your senses albeit late than never, an Eye-opener for the dayak community.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

'Anai-anai' eats away the Integrity of Society and Country

'ANAI-ANAI' (Termites)

Corruption is like termites. Just like ‘anai anai’ (termites) destroy the integrity of wood, corruption ‘eats away’ the integrity of society and country. Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud spoke on this analogy yesterday (Thursday April 5, 2007) when he officiated at the opening ceremony of state-level ‘Seminar Integrity 2007’ in Sibu, Sarawak.

I do know that 'anai-anai' is white in colour except for it's head a little light brown. Therefore, what a fitting statement from Taib himself description of the 'anai-anai'. And this white 'anai-anai' had been eating the Sarawak wood forest for the past 26 years and not sure when it going to stop. Not only the state forest has been eaten by this 'anai-anai' but it since then had been encroaching into the 'NCR' and 'NCL' displacing many of the rural dwelling dayaks community to the extent some longhouse dwellers even evicted from their longhouse, example Rumah Nyawin in Bintulu. I hope this 'anai-anai' should be exterminated soon by people power or by the grace of god the mercy. The sooner this 'anai-anai' be exterminated the better for our Sarawak community, especially the dayaks whom are the obvious victim in their own homeland. Read more articles in here.

This 'anai-anai' has been building its mound for the past 26 years and it growing into really very big conglmerate, a cluster of mountains. It monopolies most strategic assets and businesses, such as cement manufacturing, road construction and maintenance, building construction, steel, timber concession, plantations, mining, hydro electric dam (coming soon) financial institution and the list keep on growing.


Law and order has been compromised lately, to the extent a Member of Parliament from the Barisan Nasional component party, Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing has to bring it out in parliament. He said gangsters and secret societies were having a field day, particularly in Sibu. People are living in fear, he said in parliament. They don't feel safe even in their own home, the people dared not go out at night for fear of harassment. So powerful the gangsters, they even in control of the commodity prices such as rubber, pepper and other essentials consumer goods. "They also set the price of rubber and force the producers to sell to them only. This is burdening the community," he said. Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing (Bintulu-BN) said police in Sibu were not doing their job and the police chief had not taken any action against them. "The secret societies are getting more powerful by the day and even determine the prices of daily essentials like eggs.

According to the newspaper report the local Police has been harbouring the criminals. He said there were personnel working in the Criminal Investigation Department in Sarawak who did not know the law. "They even asked the complainants which laws they should be using for their cases." Tiong said in another instance, he had gone to the local police station and asked the inspector about a case involving his constituent. "I asked him what was the problem and said it was some time since the case was reported. The inspector brushed me aside and said he had too many cases."

A man who was forced to leave Miri for Kuala Lumpur following an extortion and threat to his life wants Sarawak Police Commissioner to act on his report lodged six months ago. Wong Teck Sing unfurled a banner in red paint in front of Miri Central Police Station at about 2p.m. yesterday (5/4/07). His report is 14594/06/Miri. He alleges that his report was not acted on satisfactorily by the police. He first made public his harassment by gangsters at a press conference in KL last year.

Meanwhile, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Musa Hassan has pledged to launch clean-up operations on the remaining secret societies and gangsters in Sarawak, especially in Sibu and Bintulu. Miri people are very disappointed that the IGP did not visited them on his recent trip to Sibu and Kuching. Assistant Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication Lee Kim Shin said this would be appreciated by the community as they would have been able to provide feedback and views to him.

He also issued a stern warning to Sarawak police personnel against collusion with secret societies, saying he would not compromise with any police officers involved in such activity.

Musa said police had identified 16 secret societies comprising 300 members involved in criminal activities such as kidnapping, intimidation and murder.

He said Sarawak police had taken stern action against them which resulted in some of the gang bosses being detained and charged in court.

“Some of the secret society members would try to attack policemen during raids and get shot by the police. We won’t give them any room. I will personally monitor every operation conducted in the state,” he said.

The nation’s top police officer said he would ascertain whether or not the secret societies had linkages with any influential people such as politicians.

“I have been informed of several names of influential individuals with political ties,” he said.

Sultan 'Anai-anai'

Not very long ago, this 'anai-anai' crown itself to be the defacto Sultan 'anai-anai' which a specific title created just for it and no other 'anai-anai' should hold this title as long as the 'Sultan anai-anai' still alive. It won't be a surprise if many more mound are being built or created.

So, what we Sarawakian in general, especially the dayaks should do, just standby and just watch this 'anai-anai' eat away and plunder our state resources or should we exterminate it. Pikir-pikir meh masa depan kitai, anak, cucu-cucu, cicit-cicit kitai.

Make your voice heard. Register yourself as voter so that you can exercise your democratic right and exterminate this 'anai-anai' once and for all. Do vote wisely in the coming Parliamentary Election. Don't let this 'anai-anai' continuously building it mound. Enough is Enough of this 'anai-anai'.