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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dayak Cultures Being Marginalised

It seems that this year national-level Gawai Open House 2007 is going to be more or less a State-level affair. The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has indicated that they will not be attending this Saturday open house which is to be held at the State Indoor Stadium.

The Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry had also said most of the Federal leaders would not be able to make it as well. The reasons given was that they were tied up with other matters. Isn't this a preposterous excuses given that the national level Gawai Open House celebration has always been planned in advanced each year with the aimed of enhancing the national integration. More read here

Shouldn't we feel slighted as the cultures of the Dayak community were being marginalised by the Federal Governments, as could be seen by the turn of event? Is this the way federal government showing their recognition of the dayak cultures as mentioned by DCM Tan Sri Alfred Jabu? More read here

Perhaps the main reasons was that the federal leadership is feeling embarassed and trying to distance themselves from the many scandals and improprieties that plagued the state government of late. Isnt that a serious snubbed on the state leadership many of whom has been over-stayed of their usefulness to lead the state government? Aren't they (the state leadership) not ashamed by being snubbed?

Many of the scandals are the CM alleged corruptions scandal as reported in The Japan Times, the never ending political crisis in the PRS, and the esclating crime rates in the state, that an MP from the ruling party has to sound it in parliament inorder to bring it to the attention of the higher authority in the federal government especially to the Home Affairs Minister who is non other than the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Almost all of these instances was widely reported in the national and international press as well as in the internet. Isn't this brought shamed to the federal government since the state government is also part of the BN Government?

Lately, some Sarawakian is aggresively promoting UMNO entry into Sarawak which has perturbed many of the PBB leaders, among them Deputy PBB President Dato Sri Abang Zohari Openg More, read here and here, and Senator Datuk Idris Buang, which prompted DPM Datuk Seri Najib to say that UMNO has no intention to establish itself in Sarawak. Isn't all these shows the pervasive weaknesses of the state leadership, especially the PBB leaders and SUPP as well especially its President Dr George Chan? more, read here

Sarawakian in general, don't you think you deserve better government in the future? If so, do vote wisely in future election. Otherwise you deserve the government you voted for.

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