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Saturday, September 29, 2007


If something like this can happened to a serving Policeman, I would shuddered to think what could happen to an ordinary citizen on the street ?

Blow Away The Whistle-blower

by Raja Petra Kamarudin

Let me make this short and sharp. Malaysia Today has published many reports about the links between the organised crime syndicate and the Royal Malaysian Police. The seven reports are as follows:

Thus far, six police officers and two underworld operators have come forward to sign Affidavits testifying that undoubtedly there are links between the underworld and the police. Malaysia Today did not publish the two Affidavits signed by the underworld figures (yes, that is my insurance policy in the safe-keeping of someone very important) but the six signed by the police officers were previously published as follows:

Today, what we want to reveal is the story of how one police officer’s family was ‘kidnapped’ by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) and held for ‘ransom’ to solicit his cooperation. He and his wife have since made police reports on the matter. Isn’t it ironical that even police officers face kidnap threats and they have had to resort to making police reports to seek justice? What danger do you think people like you and I face when we do not wear a police uniform and carry a gun? In fact, when a police officer shot two people in Kuala Terengganu recently, they launched a day and night, house-to-house, state-wide manhunt to look for 37 of the 41 demonstrators who did not ‘surrender’ when the deadline to do so ended. It is not the police officer who shot two people whom they were concerned with. Instead, it was those who the police tried to shoot who are the brunt of the police action.

And now they talk about bringing the parents of a raped, tortured and murdered child to face the music for the tragedy that befell them. And we also hear sermons from people of the cloth who blame scantily-dressed girls for getting raped by sex perverts who can’t keep their hormones in check. Will we next see bank directors getting charged in court when bank robbers rob their banks and goldsmith owners being dragged off to jail in chains when their goldsmith shops get robbed? Yes, and millionaires should be shot when their children get kidnapped because they did not hire bodyguards to look after their children and luxury car owners should be jailed for parking their cars on the street when they went into the restaurant to have dinner instead of employing a driver to sit in the car to guard it against car thieves.

Anyway, let us get back to the police officer whose family was kidnapped by the ACA. Awhile back, Malaysia Today reported that some underworld bosses who were detained under the Emergency Ordinance were released by instructions from some higher-ups in the police force. This was in fact not the only time this happened. There were other such incidence where the Deputy Minister of Internal Security was implicated and where it is said he received RM5.5 million in bribes to release them. The allegation was revealed in an anonymous website which the Deputy Minister concerned suspects someone in the police force itself set up. Nevertheless, the revelation was announced by the police as only they appeared to be aware of the existence of this website and the Deputy Minister was called for interrogation before the ACA. The ACA subsequently announced that the Deputy Minister is innocent of the allegation and they classified the case closed and no further action (NFA) required.

In the second incident it was the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) who was this time accused of perpetuating the exact same thing that the Deputy Minister of Internal Security was accused of. But this time the amount was slightly less than half which the Deputy Minister was accused of. The IGP too was cleared by the ACA. It seems they checked his bank account and could not find RM2 million in it so this means he must be innocent and could not have taken any bribes from the underworld.

So it looks like both the Deputy Minister and the IGP are innocent and the allegations against them are all false. Sure, many underworld bosses who were detained under the Emergency Ordinance were released. But they were released because they were wrongly-detained and their detention did not follow proper procedures and not because the Deputy Minister and the IGP were paid money to release them. And since the ACA launched thorough investigations into the allegations against the Deputy Minister and the IGP and found them innocent then we must take the word of the ACA and assume that they are therefore innocent as what the ACA says. After all, if the ACA could not find the RM7 million or RM8 million in their bank accounts then there is no way they could have taken bribes from the underworld bosses. If they did then the money would still be in their bank accounts.

The government -- meaning here of course the Royal Malaysian Police, the Anti-Corruption Agency, and the Attorney-General’s Chambers -- have said that they have investigated the allegations against the Deputy Minister and the IGP and have found them to be unfounded. It is just two groups that are trying to bring each other down, say those who walk in the corridors of power. The police force is badly split and this is just the result of two groups, Team A and Team B, fighting for control of the police force, explains others in the corridors of power. This is just a turf war between two organised crime syndicates that are trying to gain control of the drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling and loan-sharking rackets, argue yet others who walk in the corridors of power. More theories are thrown onto the table: actually, both Team A and Team B are equally guilty of links with the underworld and each is trying to topple the other so that they can gain control of the drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling and loan-sharking rackets.

Well, whatever it may be, those who walk in the corridors of power should know better. But whatever the reason may be, they are all equally perturbing. This means there are serious problems in the police force. Whether it is one group jealous of another, whether it is a conspiracy to bring down the IGP, whether it is because the police are split into Team A and Team B, whether it is a turf war in the underworld and the police are just taking sides, they are all destructive and merely serves to demonstrate that we have serious problems on Peace Hill. And what irony that Peace Hill is not so peaceful nowadays.

Anyway, the government needs the truth to emerge and the only way for it to emerge would be for those who know the truth to come forward. 90% of the success in solving cases by the Income Tax Department, the Anti-Corruption Agency, the Royal Malaysian Police, etc., is the result of information they receive from whistle-blowers. In fact, the government depends so much on whistle-blowers that it has launched a whistle-blower protection program. Protection of whistle-blowers is internationally accepted and there is even an international agreement to that effect. Whistle-blowers must not only be protected but they have to also be placed under the witness protection programme and relocated with a new identity if need be. That would be the only way to ensure that the crime rate is kept low and the success rate of solving crimes is kept high.

But this does not happen in Malaysia. In Malaysia, if you were to squeal on those from amongst you who are corrupt, you will suffer retribution. Now do you know why it is so hard to pin down those police officers who murdered Altantuyu? Many know what happened but not many dare come forward to reveal what happened. To do so would be detrimental to one’s health.

Take the case of Nordin bin Ahmad, a police officer. He investigated the underworld bosses and helped build up the case against them. He squealed on the dirty cops. And he was made to regret that. They used the ACA to kidnap his wife and children on 23 September 2007 with a warning that they will be released only if he presents himself at the ACA office and changes his testimony implicating the underworld bosses. Both Nordin Ahmad and his wife, Kalsom Mat Nor, have made police reports on the matter which you can view below.

Chief Inspector Nordin Ahmad (right) and Lance Corporal Wong Boon Wai pleaded not guilty to all the charges.
Two policemen claim trial to 14 counts of forgery

Yes, this is the same ACA that investigated the allegations against the Deputy Minister of Internal Security and the IGP and subsequently cleared them. If the ACA can resort to kidnapping the family of police officers and witnesses who testify against crooks, it makes one wonder whether you can any longer take the word of the ACA. It appears like they are accessories to crime rather than the eliminators of it. It appears like the ACA helps cover up the crime instead of going after the criminal. I know they say it takes a thief to catch a thief. But in this case the thief is protecting the thief and kidnapping the family of those who report the thief.

Many other witnesses and whistle-blowers were also summoned before those who walk in the corridors of power, in particular those who have signed Affidavits testifying to the fact they have received instructions from the underworld or received instructions from their superiors in the police force to cooperate with the underworld bosses and follow whatever orders they receive from them. Whistle-blowers have been exposed and now fear for their lives. Whistle-blowers will now get blown away. And the purpose of this exercise is to ‘prove’ that the allegations against Goh Cheng Poh a.k.a Tengku and his minions are false. On 1 October 2007, the court is scheduled to hear the application from Tengku for his detention and restricted residence order to be declared mala fide. If the court buys what he says, then this notorious underworld boss will be out on the streets in time to send Hari Raya Ang Pows to the dozens of police officers he has in his pocket.

Anyway, I am sure they will adduce all sorts of ‘evidence’ in court to ‘prove’ that Tengku is law-abiding, is a member of the Rotary Club and PTA, goes to the temple every week to pray, does uncountable charity work and dishes out donations to needy people by the millions, and all such bullshit. And I am going to start taking bets that Tengku will soon be back on the streets and all those police officers who arrested him and those witnesses who testified against him will wish they had never been born.

Any takers anyone? Let’s make it cheap: teh tarik at a favourite watering-hole of the winner’s choice.

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