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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Land Development Minister Dato Sri Dr James Masing in defending his “cultural arrogance” theory said, Cultural arrogance breeds racial disharmony and a form of insincerity.

Masing said it would be cultural arrogance, if a Chinese tried to help the Ibans but yet preached to them (Ibans) things they already knew. He said another form of cultural arrogance manifested itself in some people’s attitude and perception towards others.

"There is a general perception by others in Malaysia that Bumiputeras are not capable of doing good and successful business. Hence when a Bumiputera company is successful, the perception is that it cannot be attributed to their skills and capability. Thus, variables like cronyism, nepotism, corruption and political patronage come to the picture.

It is therefore wise for people to think that all are born equal in intelligence. But what makes us different from one another is opportunity. Some get more opportunities than the others."

Masing also said, “During my growing up years, the Ibans in Kapit were referred to or called by the Chinese as ‘Lakkia’ (native or wild savage). I did not take any offence then. Now I do. I will not take this form of address too kindly.”


The divine command theory argues that God is the lawgiver and that it is he who has introduced the rules of morality to us. It tells us that because morality is 'right' that means that God 'commands' it. It argues that God and morality is "dependant on one another. It also states that God is altruistic because everything that is 'good' God commands.

This theory tries to solve the problem of objectivity in ethics. It shows that morals are not just based on people's opinions but dictated by a higher being. It also solves the problem of why anyone should obey morals. According to others, if morals were not commanded by god, why bother with them and not just look out for yourself like ethical egoism suggests. According to the divine command theory, because God has commanded it, then if we obey it, we will be rewarded in heaven, or punished in hell.

A Statement Regarding Ethnocentrism/Cultural Arrogance by Michael Haydon

There is great ethnocentrism/arrogance that lingers throughout Western society/culture/paradigms, which is a reflection of the susceptibility of humans as a whole towards systems of control. However, this is not a trait unique to only Western society/culture/paradigms, but all others. It seems that few humans ever maintain an awareness of the societally-programmed behavioral patterns in them. Put simply, many humans are in large part unaware of the control that society has over them. Such arrogance includes closed-mindedness towards other cultures and customs. Those evaluating other 'norms' from this perspective would generally regard them as wrong, unacceptable, or would be dumbfounded for lack of empathy or understanding.

As a product of such arrogance and/or unawareness, there will always be widespread upheaval towards any form of internal societal/cultural change. This is more of a function of human attachment, which is intertwined with the societally-programmed behavioral patterns that were predominantly trained into the individuals by their parent(s)/guardian(s).

I believe this arrogance to be happening in large part outside of our awareness.

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee, so to say. It is time to stop being arrogant and start fulfilling what is necessary to further our psychological evolution.

We have an opportunity to reflect upon all the numerous perspectives throughout the world and gain greater insight into all aspects of human existence. This is a rare opportunity because the world is now united by means of travel and communication. There is the potential to learn more about humans, collectively, than we've ever had in our known history. This is important because the most complete and balanced perspective can account for everything -- the holistic perspective.

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