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Saturday, September 7, 2013

High Risk HPV in Men

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One of the most common transmissions of virus is through sexual contact. And one of the most rampant viruses that are transmitted through sex is the Human Papillomavirus or HPV.
Today’s generation is being ruthlessly attacked by viruses, diseases, and other elements that pose threats to our health. There are various ways to acquire strains in our system. One of the most common transmissions of virus is through sexual contact. And one of the most rampant viruses that are transmitted through sex is the Human Papillomavirus or HPV.
The Human Papillomavirus is closely associated with women since this strain is the leading cause of cervical cancers. Nevertheless, both male and female can acquire the virus. This virus has two classifications: the Low Risk HPV and the High Risk HPV. The low risk strain is connected to genital warts which very rarely turn as a precancerous lesion. This type of HPV does not jeopardize the health of a person unlike with the high risk strain which can cause cancer to its carrier if it is left untreated.

There are approximately 100 types of Human Papillomavirus and about 30 strains are commonly transmitted sexually. And several of these 30 strains can cause anal or penile cancer in men. Luckily, these two types of cancer are rare especially to those men who have a healthy and strong immune system. These means that there is a slight chance that high risk HPV men have will turn to cancer.

HPV in men are transmitted, of course, through sexual intercourse. Statistics show that there is a sheer chance that one percent of sexually active men in the United States will have an HPV in some point of their life; therefore, chances are very slim that high risk HPV will be a threat to men’s system. Nonetheless, it has still that chance to become cancerous if neglected.

If left untreated, the high risk HPV men have may turn its carrier’s health in bad shape. It may develop into cancers such as penile or anal cancer. There is only around one in every 100,000 men who may have penile cancer. However rare, high risk HPV can turn into this kind of cancer. Studies found out that there is a little probability that circumcised men will have penile cancer compared to those who are not.

High risk HPV may also cause anal cancer to some men. This type of cancer is also very uncommon but still HPV may develop into this. Usually, gay and bisexual men that practices anal sex are likely to have this cancer.

Human Papillomavirus is a silent devil. You may have the virus without you noticing it. Low risk strain is much easier to distinguish since this type of HPV is connected with genital and anal warts. On the other hand, the high risk HPV men have will unlikely to produce symptoms. A man can go having a fit disposition without the knowledge that a high risk strain has already invaded his body.

In women, there are a number of kinds of tests doctors may use in order to determine if she has a high risk HPV like the popular Papanicolaou test or Pap smear. But in men, there is no approved medical test to diagnose them of high risk HPV. In cases such as low risk HPV, physician can simply examine the genital for warts that may be a probable sign of HPV.

In the case of gays and bisexuals, however, anal Pap tests are encouraged. The doctor collects a sample cells in the anus and tests it if it is positive of a high risk HPV. Rare as it is, being precautious on anal cancer is still best.

For now, there is no found cure for HPV especially when there are no symptoms that manifests. The only thing doctors can cure is the result of what the virus brings the system of its carrier. Fortunately, high risk HPV men have usually disappears over time especially to those who have a strong immune system. So there is no need to be frantic when you learned that you have the virus.

Prevention is still the best than cure. Even if its cliché, it is ultimately true when combatting a no-cure virus such as the Human Papillomavirus. Wearing condom can lessen the possibility that you may acquire HPV. There are also vaccines such as Gadrasil in order to avoid the infection in men.

In this modern age, people should be more health conscious and should watch over themselves well. Sorts of illnesses are present to make our life a challenge. HPV is just one such evil but it can be prevented. No matter what method you try, the best way to prevent obtaining Human Papillomavirus are total abstinence and mutual fidelity.

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