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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jakim, simply being stunningly stupid

CT Ali | October 15, 2013 
If there is any threat to Allah, it comes from Umno because of the manner it does its politics, which is totally against what Islam professes.

Islam, according to Department of Islamic Development (Jakim), is under threat and Muslims are being denied of their rights as Muslims.
And if Islam and Muslims are under threat, then Allah too is under threat! So says Jakim, but which Allah and which Islam is Jakim talking about?
Is it the Islam that began when Prophet Muhammad started to preach the revelation from Allah in the year 610 AD? The Islam that had it’s tentative beginning from Medina in 622 AD where Muhammad first established his political and religious authority in accordance with Islamic jurisprudence?

The Islam that then spread through Arabia, Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, India, in fact to about every corner of this universe making it the fastest growing religion in the world with over 1.5 billion Muslims?

Is it the Islam that has withstood so many Holy wars that first started in 632 after Muhammad’s death? The many Holy wars that launched Islam into years of continual imperialist, colonists, bloody conquest and subjugation of others through invasion and war which at times even colonised the Christians and Jews?

Is it also the Islam that spread far and wide through the Islamic Golden Age until the Ottoman era ended when the Caliphate was abolished in 1924?

If Jakim is talking about the same Islam, then I dare say that Islam having survived and flourished from that start in Medina in 622 to its current 1.5 billion believers are more than capable of taking care of itself.

Allah, I am sure, is not threatened in any way by anything that Christians, Chinese, non-Umno members or anything else or anybody else can do. He can take care of himself!

Jakim should know that since all the Holy wars stopped, the spread of Islam had continued through Muslims who became economic migrants. Some landed in the then Malay archipelago many years ago – the same Malay archipelago that has now became Malaysia.

And what manner of Muslims do we now have in Malaysia?

We have Muslim sultans, cabinet members, top level Umno leaders doing all things unIslamic. We have many Muslim politicians who live beyond their means and live a life of depravity and excessive consumption.

There are many Muslims girls working as social escorts and waitresses in bars and dangduts bars and Malay girls working as prostitutes in massage parlours and private houses in KL and all over Malaysia.

There are so many Muslims practicing corruption in the police force and other government agencies. All the above and more are being done by Muslims in Malaysia.

What is Jakim doing?

What is Jakim doing about it all? Ignore what is in front of their eyes and instead tells us that there is a threat to Allah, Islam and Muslims, and that threat comes from Christians!

This is Jakim simply being stunningly stupid in the extreme. Most of all that is wrong with Muslims and Islam is within the Muslims themselves – as manifested by the actions of Umno which is made up of entirely Muslims.

If there is any threat to Allah, then it also comes from within that party too because of the manner they do their politics, which is totally against what Islam professes.

But before we fault Jakim, we must consider Jakim’s position too. These men of Allah working in Jakim have nothing to do with Allah or Islam.

It is a man-made statutory body conceived by the Malaysian Council of Rulers to mobilise the development and progress of Muslims in Malaysia, and it now comes directly under the Prime Minister’s Department.

Observe the two fundamental issues – conceived by the Sultans, and now under the Prime Minister’s Department – a recipe for the creation of a self-serving body for the royalty and politicians – one that Jakim has now become.

Jakim is involved in worldly affairs, not affairs of any spiritual nature. Certainly not Islam! So who plays the tune that Jakim dances to?

Surely those to whom Jakim and its people are beholden to for their wages and their Hari Raya bonus! And maybe Jakim has to turn to us to help them in their cause of promoting Islam because their prayers are not being answered by Allah?

It is not Allah that needs defending. You guys in Jakim need Allah to defend you!

The Holy Quran clearly states: “And say, ‘Praise to Allah, who has not taken a son and has had no partner in [His] dominion and has no [need of a] protector out of weakness; and glorify Him with [great] glorification.” [Quran, 17:111]

I rest my case.
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CT Ali is a reformist who believes in Pakatan Rakyat’s ideologies. He is a FMT columnist.

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