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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Without Umno, Malays would be more civilised, says ex-minister

The Malaysian Insider, December 09, 2013

In a Malaysia without Umno, Malays would be more civilised and would accept the plurality and diversity of this country, said former minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim (pic).

He posted this statement in his blog today where he also said Umno is “a true blue extremist, racist and religious party”.

“It’s a party that panders to emotions about religion and race, and feels no remorse about attacking others."

The vocal former minister in the prime minister’s department said despite the numerous protestations of Umno leaders that the party is not racist, its gathering last week had proved otherwise.

The party’s 2013 general assembly had received wide coverage because of several key issues that cropped up including calls by the Youth wing to amend the Constitution to define Islam as Sunni Islam, a move that followed the recent clampdown on Shias in the country.

Delegates also publicly denounced homosexuals and deviants by declaring war on these individuals before urging Putrajaya to set up a commission to protect the country’s official religion.

Zaid said the delegates used the assembly as an opportunity to ask for “goodies” from the government, including more contracts and the appointment of more party members to the boards of state companies.

The lawyer  singled out important national issues that did not reach the podium, such as economy and education.

“There was no debate on the rising cost of living, the lack of affordable homes for the lower-middle-class or even the National Education Blueprint,” he said.

In a response to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s question to the delegates, “Where would Malays be without Umno?”, Zaid pictured a Malaysia with a freer press, Malays who are “reasonable, humble and kind … religious and pious but without the need to show off.”

“In short, without Umno, the Malays would be more civilised," Zaid opined. – December 9, 2013.
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