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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Art of Political Deceits

This is what Dr Azly Rahman ( wrote in his column 'A REPUBLIC OF VIRTUE' with Malaysia Today an internet based media portal. Perhaps these are the things we can ponders on, an analysis of 'The Machiavellis in Malaysian politics'. I called it 'The Art of Political Deceits'.

"One of the best strategies to keep a political party in power is to keep the voters 'educated' only to a certain level of intelligence, and to give them enough goodies for them to want more at every cycle of election. Give them money, 'kain pelika't, 'kain batik', rice, cigarettes, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, RM200 and instant 'development packages' – new roads, new playgrounds, new schools, new promises, etc, so that they will be happier voters. Let them corrode their own moral character and let the children of these voters learn that this are what democracy, politics, and elections is all about.

This is the structure of dependency. This is the systematic programme of the maintenance of the 'welfare' mentality – the ideology of the 'hand that feed'. This, too, is the current paradigm and ideology of technology transfer from global corporations wishing to develop the Iskandar Development Region or the Multimedia Super Corridor. The advanced, industrialised countries will give aid and some help with technology to the industrialising countries so that the former will continue to control and manipulate while the latter will be continue to be controlled and be manipulated.

The structure of dependency constitutes 'structural violence'. The paternal relationship forged structures the relationship between the giver and the receiver, the oppressor and the oppressed. This curriculum of totalitarianism is hidden.

Until voters are intelligent enough to understand this structure of dependency and are wise and ethical enough to reject the goodies from the 'hands that giveth', we will still see corrupt politicians installed to further transform the lives of others through development projects created so that it is not that the people that will benefit, but the few people that will make sure that they themselves will reap the benefits.

Far too much we hear the word 'progress and development' these days. We hear of our economy doing well. We hear of the 'jihad' against corruption and poverty being intensified. We hear slogans, rhetoric and 'managed perception'. We do not know what is real and what is invention anymore. We see an intensifying effort to divide, subdivide, fragment, and dissipate progressive parties that are trying to bring about immediate and radical change".

This was exactly what was happening during the Sarawak State Election 2006, perpetrated by the State BN to the Sarawakian voters. This political strategies of the Barisan Nasional (BN) has perpetuates eversince only for the sake of political hegemony.

The voters should act pejoratively to such a decaying tactics if only they wants a fair democratic election and a fair representation in the government to monitor blatant abuse of power in the government of the day. The voters must be wised and ethical enough to reject the goodies.

So long the voters lust temptation remains for immediate materials gain; to simply quote Tun Dr Mahathir words, "The people deserve the government they elected".

"Let our children learn that it is terrifying to be corrupt; such as to build palaces while the homes of the poor demolished. Let us teach them to vote with their conscience" ....

"The current regime cannot solve the problems it creates. It must dismantle itself, die a natural death, destroy the symbols of power it has abused, and let a peaceful renewal take its natural course" ...Dr Azly Rahman

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