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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


An Eye-opener: James Jemut (left) Philimon (right) Ugak (centre).

Land Development Minister Dato Sri Dr James Masing has advised the new generation of Dayaks to inculcate in themselves the element of pride (maruah) and not let “others” to lead them.

Now Masing talk sense, or is he?. But don't forget, does it not James Masing who spoke highly of Datuk Sng during the PBDS crisis to lead the party? Does it not Masing who cohorts with the devil Sgn to break up PBDS? Does it not James Masing who object to Datuk Daniel Tajem to lead PBDS, an Iban leader with a mojrity Iban members in the PBDS then?

Addressing 600 ‘Pemimpin Bersama Rakyat’ diners at the Civic Centre here on Saturday night, Masing, who heads one of two factions in Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), said young Dayaks should know by now that they were capable of leading their community themselves.

Perhap James Masing is back to his senses after being pushed to a corner and now wants the dayaks to support him in his struggle to lead PRS. He said in any organisation where they were the majority, Dayaks should not allow “others” to assume leadership and decide their future for them. What the hell this jerk is talking? Is this a rational or an emotional plea? To simply say, 'Dayak should not allow "others" to assume leadership and decide their future for them', is not a rational thought because it is a thought that is generated out of emotion. A desperate politican who succumbed to his own folly. To say, 'that Dayaks were capable of leading their community themselves' is a thought coming from the rational brain. At last you have come to your senses to recognize that the Dayak must be in control of their own destiny.

James Masing said he was disappointed that a small group in the Dayak community had allowed themselves to be led by “others”. Ha ha aha... is it not James Masing who cohort with Datuk Sng to break-up PBDS? Is it not James Masing who lead a small disgruntled group of dayaks supporters in the PBDS then to rebel against the Dayak leadership in the PBDS that lead to a PBDS deregistration? Now out of desperation he accused other dayak being allowed themselves to be led by “others”. You see James Jemut, You reap what you sowed. You deserved what you're into.

"For all the skills and the experiences that we have accumulated over these years, they are not willing to stand on their own two feet and stand for what is rightfully theirs,” he said. What a crap? Come on, you betrayed them 'Jerk'. You're the one who lead them astray. And now you're being emotionally desperate for their supports, you demeaning them?. What a conman! Rational man get what he deserved, emotional man deserved what he got himself into. James Jemut Masing you're a HYPOCRITE!!, LIAR... LIAR. Dayak has lost trust in you to lead. You have betrayed their trust in you. "Once bitten, twice shy". Its time for you to retire from active politic for the sake of the dayak community at large, for unity and prosperity. Its good that you have comes to your senses albeit late than never, an Eye-opener for the dayak community.

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