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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Oracle Interview- Final Part


Of course I don’t know Daim. How could i? Impossible said AR Tompel. I am not in his league. I am only a one term ADUN and a loser who is sore because Najib did not extend his adunship. Daim won’t want to see the likes of him- he’s DAP. They are a bunch of communists, infidels and worse, they are Republicans. 
Daim only entertains the UMNO swindlers, fornicators, buggers, embezzlers, the corporate con people etc. and Daim only sees the UMNO incumbents who want him to say one or two good words of them to Najib.
I only know the Oracle. So Oracle it is. I shall address Oracle as though I am addressing Tun Daim.
I asked the Oracle. Have you read Mahathir’s memoir?
As soon as I landed from a trip to Africa, I was given the book. I read it that day and finished it in one night.
Which was the best part O Oracle?
You read about the part where Mahathir says he is loyal to Siti Hasmah and that he is one woman man?
I did said I. it was in the first few pages.
Hawhaw- more than anyone else, I know more about Mahathir. His memoir is not completed until I publish mine.
Yours? Not TDZ asked I.
Let’s just say, I speak exactly what Daim wants to. Or you can say he does not even have to speak; I know what he wants to say. In fact I know exactly how and what he thinks.
O oracle, what do you make of UMNO carrying out cherry picking and harvesting the low hanging fruits? Could it be that they are parking all the wealth making resources in the hands of friendly parties? Semua hantam. The last being CTRM.Why are these people cashing out? They know something we dont?
What’s with Syed Mokhtar asked I. is he fronting for Mahathir? He seems to be getting all he wants.
I don’t know him says the Oracle. Only met him once. I know the father of course in Alor Star. I know that he is the son in law of Syed Kecik and also Syed Kecik’s nephew. Other than that, I don’t know.
What has YTL done to get the Majestic Hotel?
Mahathir gave it to him. In exchange for the National Theatre.
But have you seen the quality of construction of the National theatre?
Before I could continue, the Oracle said;
the quality is mediocre compared to the renovated and redone Majestic Hotel.
And soon all the other buildings around Majestic, will be gobbled up by Syed Mokhtar.
I am giving interviews to Utusan Malaysia and some Chinese newspapers said the Oracle.
Both of us let out laughs. Of course those who get to interview the Oracle once a year and not see him monthly since 2008 as I , will not know the nuance of our laughs. The hilarity of the statement is shared between someone Daim will not see and the Oracle anyway. No big deal.
Ah- I am sure you will be asked to endorse Najib said I.
That’s what they want me to do, I do lah. Haha.and I have asked to be less candid when giving interviews and less critical.
How is Najib I asked?
He’s your ex Ketua Bahagian, you should know more that I , hehe.
Well I know he is ball-less. He will never be revolutionary. Like you told me some time ago, when Najib announces the candidates, UMNO is only 70% strong. The rest will plot and scheme.
I know he is spending like nobody’s business. When you were the Finance Minister how did you tackle the problem?
Didn’t you read what I did? I cut down spending. I reduced salaries. And I did that when our earnings from commodities were strong. Najib is doing exactly the opposite. And the commodity economy is slacking.
The current FM- he thinks spending is good. When I was FM, the debt service was RM5 billion. You can do the math when our public debt is RM504 billion. The PM is busy travelling here and there.
The problem lies with Najib. He wants to do everything himself. He doesn’t trust anyone. Mahathir had us Ghurkhas. Najib has wimps. Just like him.
Let’s get to some serious business.
How do you see the coming elections?
I think, BN will still win marginally. They have the experience. I have told this to Najib and UMNO leaders. But of course like I told you, I gave a lot of caveats. Many of them.
It depends whether they will adopt what I said. I think they won’t get enough seats in Kelantan to take over the state. UMNO will lose many seats in Sabah, maybe up to 16 parliamentary seats. The loss over there will be compensated by wins in Kedah.
Hah, why are you speaking like Dr Mahathir? I asked. He was saying the same thing. How can you speak of Kedah like that? Do you often go back to Kedah?
I do? I don’t know that. He lets out a small chuckle with a twinkle in the eye.
I go back once in a while. I meet up Azizan and have dinner with him sometimes. That chap Pahrolrazi and 2 other fellows are causing a split in Kedah PAS and UMNO can capitalise on that. If only they know how.
If they don’t, you don’t have to tell them O Oracle I said.
I will not just as I told Najib I will not offer him any advice how to run the Finance Ministry. He is the FM. he must do his job.
I wasn’t going to belabour the obvious. Obviously Mahathir has summoned the Oracle and told him in no uncertain terms, that if UMNO loses, the Oracle will also be doomed.
The Oracle looked hesitant and for the first time, distant.
Ah so, you are giving them what they want. Is that good for the country?
The Oracle remained silent.
What do you think is the real issue in Lahd Datu.
 I think its Anwar’s game. He wanted to cause some instability. But the script went awry.
Hold on O Oracle. There are 800,000 sulu people in Sabah who were given IC. They helped BN win Sabah since 1995. Wasn’t it a case where Najib promised to give them land and have them resettled? And the area of settlement was supposed to be Felda Sahabat where the invaders are now holed up? And Najib reneged on his promise to the Sulu people?
Hmm, I don’t know that.
People say it’s a sandiwara, the Oracle continued. And look what happened to Tian Chua.
He didn’t say what was reported I countered.
He said it was an UMNO sandiwara.
He was responding to an online interviewer I said. The nature of online news is that all the facts are not determined yet.
Yes and true, but the lesson is don’t say nasty things about the soldiers who lost lives. They have surviving family members who will go ballistic at the slightest provocation.
Yes, the UMNO people are doing the provocation because it serves their interest.
What’s your beef with Anwar?
Anwar is what people say he is. He’s sick. His hands tremble if he doesn’t get it.
Get what? I asked. We both laughed. Did you know he is that?
I don’t until much later. My daughter was a staunch follower of Anwar. She wrote me a letter berating me about my lifestyle. I responded by saying, that is a matter between God and Me. One day, my daughter came back and told me Anwar is a fraud. I asked what happened, she merely told me you will find out later. Both of you are cut from the same cloth.
Anwar was clever at hiding his problem. When we meet, we talk about women as normal men do. I certainly know my women.
Who else actually know of Anwar’s sickness?
Sanusi answered the Oracle.
Do you people meet up each other?
Once in a while. Sanusi can even name the Jambus Anwar cavorts with.
Because of that, Anwar isn’t fit to become PM? O Oracle, bab sundal menyundal ni, Najib pun tak kurang hebat. He’s also a bloody fucker.
You told me, that Najib fears 2 people in this country other than Mahathir.
Yes yes said the Oracle. One is the leader of the gang, 5-2. Five-Foot two. To that, the Oracle let out a loud guffaw. I haven’t been to Port Dickson a long time….
The other is Rahim Tamby Chik. It seems he and Najib share the same historical figure.
Ok , I will see you next time. All the best to you. You will win easily at your place. I have some people coming over in a while.
I stood up, took his hand and I said, Salute! Don Corleone.
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