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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Oracle of Syed Putera Speaks Again!- Part 3

Part 3.
Why is Mahathir acting as de facto UMNO president and PM? What is the 86 year old man afraid of? How can he stoop that low as to launch Rosmah’s book when you, the Oracle told me, Daim says Mahathir refers to Rosmah as that damn lady? And didn’t Daim tell you on  many occasions, Mahathir demanded Najib come see him alone without that lady? Suddenly Mahathir launches Rosmah’s book and gave flattering assessments because of what? Because they share a common love for Shakrukh Khan?
The Oracle just shook his head in a gesture of incredulity. He can’t or won’t explain Mahathir. So I did the explaining.
Because he fears for his and his family's future. It isn’t about Malaysia. It’s about the empire of fraud he has built over the years. Can you imagine, his empire of fraud crumbling like a pack of cards and all those Jokers and Kings and Queens and Jacks will take a fall?
All because they have leveraged on the reward system established  by Mahathir and perpetuated by the current hypocritical regime of Najib, the media actor.
Let us illustrate.
None of us are envious that his son drives around in a Bugatti Veyron. He is a billionaire and can afford one like a RM2 candy bar. We don’t take issue if a man of means wants to express his stature in material achievements. Remember we are seeking equality in prosperity not equality in misery.
The issue become rather complex when we ask a question from another angle. When we ask why should a bin Mahathir gets it- that becomes a different issue. It then becomes an issue about distribution of wealth creating resources. It becomes an issue who controls what, who decides who to get and all that. It becomes, why should some people get wealth because we ascribed some qualities of specialness about them? It’s a question of the reward system.
Some people cut corners and get what they want while the majority are taught to persevere and do skunk work but get mediocre results. And it’s even more demoralising and unjust, when that kind of reward system snuffs out the industry of hard working people when they start asking why should we put in much efforts only to see those who leverage on their ascriptive status get ahead of us?
Why should the elite society get it? They want equality of results while we want equality of opportunities. What’s the difference?
Those who subscribe to equality of results belong to that class of people who want rewards based on inherited status. Hence in this country, the bin Mahathir’s, the bin Onns, bin Razaks, bin Jarjis, get ahead using their blue blood status. Those who subscribe to equality of opportunities belong to the group who believe that the reward system must be based on what you can do, hard work and industry. Those who work harder, persevere, make sacrifices will get their natural dues.
Mahathir has spent the last 22 years building up his empire of fraud. That will soon crumble and come to an end with PR coming into power. If Anwar isn’t the PM, we will make sure Mahathir gets the justice he richly deserves.
Isn’t Daim the person who told the Oracle that he writes an 18-page letter to Mahathir and said that history will judge Mahathir on corruption? That statement is pregnant with so many meanings. Maybe like I said before, we need to establish a commission to clear Mahathir’s name being accused of hoarding up USD44 billion cache of wealth. We must have faith in our judicial system after all it was one constructed by Mahathir.
And I further asked the Oracle- didn’t Daim ask you to convey me the message when I asked whether he has read Doctor in the House and he said as a matter of factly that Dr Mahathir’s memoir isn’t complete, until he Daim publishes his own memoir?
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