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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Oracle of Syed Putera Speaks Again- Part 2

by Sakmongkol AK47

Part 2
Small children will be small children. They are accustomed only to straight talk. They can’t comprehend the art of mature and rarefied talk. In this connection, I am not about to reveal who the Oracle of Syed Putera is. Some thought it was Sanusi Junid. Some people's children!. He is too earthy and more capable of obtuse thinking- not for him the sophisticated reasoning of a master player. Sanusi is the person who can come up with the idea of planting paddy on the roofs, start a coconut climbing and plucking contest. Launch a campaign to eat ulam/herbal salad. More sophisticated thinking? Naah……….
People at the NST think by bringing in Tun Daim, that could save Najib. Very sorry to disappoint them. That- like bringing Mahathir in, goes to show Najib is useless as a leader. That is why Daim tells the Oracle- Najib hasn’t got what it takes to run the country.
But at least it will secure the position of one of the journalists conducting the interview. The person has gone through hell and needed one redeeming endeavour. Daim it seems, provide the perfect endeavour. Did they ask searching questions? You be the judge. Those were leading questions designed to take out the bête noir of Malaysian politics- the person who is accused of doing sex with everyone and everything, man, woman, lamp posts with skirts and thongs on.
I said I consider The Oracle as Daim’s alter ego. He speaks as Daim would speak to me. I see Din Merican has zeroed in by identifying Daim Zainudin as the Oracle of Syed Putera. I think that suggestion can be easily discounted by acknowledging that, I a one term ADUN, an unimportant politician and a loser thrown out by Najib hasn’t reached the status so as to get a one-to-one interview with the elusive Daim Zainudin. Therefore I maintain, the Oracle ofSyed Putera is just Daim’s alter ego.
As to the Oracle, I have no doubts about the authenticity of his views being representative of the views of the elusive Daim himself. Yes, he owns many paintings including rare paintings by the late Ibrahim Hussein.
If you were lucky enough to be admitted into the inner sanctum of the Oracle, you will see some exotic paintings on the subject of females, which the Oracle tells me, Daim is a connoisseur. Mahathir, Daim tells the Oracle, does not know how to enjoy life, while he, Daim enjoys life to the fullest. The Oracle tells me that Daim has been scolded openly by his daughter for his penchant for the bon vivant lifestyle, but rationalised it by saying it’s a matter between him and God.
On that score, let us also be charitable to Anwar Ibrahim by asserting that whatever it is that afflicts him is a matter between God and Anwar.
I think we should not be unduly worried about the Daim interview. Simply because it’s out of character. Read the interviews Daim gave one or two years ago. The Daim then was more candid and wasn’t optimistic about BN and UMNO. I looked at The Oracle’s facial expressions and he looked unsure. That appears to be reflected in the current Daim interviews.
Now, he is more readily willing to say good things about Najib while until I met him, Daim hasn’t got any positive things to say about Najib. Why is Anwar not fit to become PM in theory? Because he is a sexual deviant? Ini bab sundal menyundal, Najib tidak kurang hebat. Why should Najib be deemed fit to lead, while Anwar isn’t? It’s purely Daim's personal assessment.
The Daim then, wasn’t restrained to say that Najib hasn’t got what it takes to run the country. Najib has got all the wrong advisors. Najib confuses between loyalty and being relevant. Suggestions and counsel go in Najib’s right ear to exit the left. Najib’s NEM was all airy-fairy. Najib’s Alphabet concoctions according to the Oracle produce the will-o-the –wisp effect- drawing unsuspecting citizens away from safe paths. Remember the tales about folks getting into accidents because they see lights leading them to non-existent roads? That’s what Najib’s NKRA, GTP, ETP and whatever will lead to.
Now suddenly, Najib needs to be given a chance. Something is not right. Daim seems to be saying things in concert with Mahathir. Finally it dawned on me why Daim behaves like this. He suddenly realises that if he does not throw his weight behind Mahathir, even he will not be spared from persecution. For as long as UMNO and Najib can lose in THEORY, Daim was willing to underrate Najib. But now, when Daim realises that UMNO and Najib can actually lose, Daim must subvert his conscience and pay lip service as required.
The Oracle tells me he will be interviewed by the other mainstream papers. I quickly offered to say; -they want Daim to give Najib and UMNO the much needed endorsements. To which, the Oracle answered. Daim will say what they want him to say. And so there you have it- the contents of the interview by the NST musketeers eager to save King Louis and his Marie Antoinette.
In the first place he says what is expected to. Secondly, if one reads carefully, his support for Najib is just an invitation to treat as it were. Pleadings by a plaintiff asking people to support Najib by giving him a chance. It’s just a request inviting the public to test Najib by giving him a chance.
It’s an invitation that one can refuse and be none the worse. Too little, too late.
I have asked- what can Najib accomplish what UMNO hasn’t in 55 years? Has Najib discovered a new formula other than the one nurtured by UMNO to take Malaysia to new heights? Najib is just following a script written by Mahathir. So, that was why I asked the Oracle why it is that Mahathir behaves as though he is the de facto PM? The Oracle laughed aloud.
I put it to him that Mahathir’s increasing and expanding role to give leadership to UMNO is a damning indictment on the leadership of Najib. The Oracle gave a nervous laugh without answering. Daim has given us the answer. Daim’s plaintiff cries that Najib be given a chance are actually a confirmation of the utter lack of leadership on the part of Najib. Grand Uncle Mahathir has to step in. the interview by the NST trio goes further to establish Najib as a media PM. 
 Sakmongkol AK47 is the nom de guerre of this blogger. His name is Dato' Mohd.Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz.
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