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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Brief informations about DCCI (Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

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uhangKanowit wrote:
"in what ways, DCCI nulong bansa kitai iban? tell me. nothing much. we iban work alone. improving alone. loan alone. struggle alone. tender alone."

DCCI was formed not particularly to help individual dayak businessman, but to be used as a platform for the Dayaks Entrepreneurs to air their greivances collectively with the government and at the same time to enabled the government department particularly MITI, KPUN, KPDN&HEP, MARA and other relevant agency to channel informations of interest to the Dayak Business Community. By having a chamber for the Dayak Business community, it is much more easier for the relevant government department to deal with the dayak business community rather than to deal individually. Hence, the formation of DCCI for this purpose. Being an entrepreneur, first and foremost, you have to help yourself before you're asking for help from others. Because it is your business and you must know what you want with your business. You must have training or experience in the type of business under consideration. To succeed you must find the best business for you, one in which you are most skilled and interested. Otherwise, you don't go into business if you do not know what you want to do with your business.

Quote: The Star, Sat 3/2/07
Prudent path to success.

“To succeed you must love what you do and you must know what you are doing. You must plan ahead and have direction,” he said. “In business you must start from small, study everything and go step by step.” -- Naza Group of Companies boss Tan Sri S.M. Nasimuddin S.M. Amin

DCCI is just an entity to gather the dayak business community, but the members must be active to make it function. Without the members active participation, DCCI will not be able to function. In other word, you have to make the DCCI to function in order to help you, particularly an entrepreneur.

"Ask not what DCCI can do for you, Ask yourself what you can do for DCCI."

uhangKanowit wrote
... all DCCI can do, only give a talk about business. might as well i can do so. no need DCCI, i also can give a talk about business. others comm. chambers connected with govrn. do DCCI connected with state/federal govern? conclusion : govern. please help us. all i can say to DCCI, may the force be with you.

Attending Business talk or training is a vital function for any budding entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, any entrepreneur who are getting assistance from KPUN, SMIDEC, or MARA it is compulsory to attend a business training/talk. Business talk is part of a business networking among fellow entrepreneurs and for the dissemination of informations.

As you mentioned, "might as well i can do so. no need DCCI, i also can give a talk about business". Well, you're most welcome to offer your service to DCCI. Just give the DCCI President a call. In fact DCCI very often call experienced outside businessman to give business talk to DCCI members, which is very useful, especially for budding entrepreneurs. Experience in management will contribute much to a successful operation. Most business failures are due to poor management. This program by the DCCI is essential both for the start-up business owner and for the entrepreneur who is preparing to expand a successful business. Seminar leaders will discuss strategic planning, marketing, administration, personnel, finance, and accounting. You will learn to develop an effective business plan to manage your business; to create a marketing action plan that will help you to achieve your sales goals; to prepare financial projection; and to use financial information to make better and more informed decisions. So, it is not just a business talk per se.

Successful Contracting with the State/Federal Government

Navigating the state/federal procurement maze for the first time can be a daunting challenge. This is where the DCCI "business class" will provide the "map" you need to bid on government contracts. Become an educated bidder and solve the mystery about the manner in which government organizations purchase goods and services from the private sector. Prepare your business to become a "player" in the game of state/federal procurement. If you have never sold to the state/federal government and you want to enter the marketplace now, this is the place to start, the DCCI.

Do DCCI connected with the state/federal government?

The answer is, Yes. Legally. Otherwise, the Bumiputra Economic Congress 2005 (BMEC 2005) would not be a resounding success. For your information, the BMEC 2005 was attended by state and federal ministers, including the Prime Minister and other senior leaders of our business community. In fact some of the resolutions in BMEC 2005, were incorporated in the 9th. Malaysia Plan. Please, study the 9th. Malaysian Plan, if you have not done so. It is a goldmine. Being an entrepreneur you must take the opportunities presented by the government. Don't wait for someone to spoon-feed you to get a project or two. My advice is to stop whining.

“Good culture should remain but tradition and mindset should be improved so that they do not become obstacles to development”

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