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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The 'Mental Revolution' in Sarawak society

CM Taib Mahmud said, "Civil servants are part of the ‘mental revolution’ in Sarawak society. They are the ones who know the aspirations to make it a better nation, they know the policy of the government (and) they can see a bit further into the future and realise our children and grandchildren must be brought up in an environment of knowledge."

How true is this statement, Please comment.

In my mind it is simple. The Mental Revolution is about reforming the sub-concious in order to bring about true change to humanity. It is about knowing yourself and realizing you are in a global community; how to improve yourself mentally, spiritually and physically. A place of inspiration, motivation and success. A Personal development, creativity and financial independence community. We are the ones who are truly wise as to what must happen; THE Revolution, the great mental change that shall make us see life in a totally different light; that of truth, that of nothingness and what can be done to bring our true organic visions of holiness, not what those above you have claimed to be holy.

There are the parasites, a beautiful society shall shun parasites, they will be cast out to die in the cold since they could not survive without feeding off of the strength of others, but they cannot just be killed, they shall be given their chance to prove themselves in survival; their challenges may be far harder than those who make better choices in their early life but if they truly are fit for a beautiful society than this experience will reform them.

Our instincts, like our morals of olde, are not fit for a modern technological society. The true moral that our society should be based upon is to hold all other morals loosely, re-analyze your ideals and what they mean to the world constantly; this is the only way that we can truly apply them effectively. Our instincts are responsible for leading us to pity and morality; these things come from our core to help our species survive by relying on one another. We are no longer in need of the survival instincts for the wild, morality must be replaced by logic.

Now you know what is real, if you cannot judge nor think then you are enlightened to what is completely true; from here you must re-evaluate what life means to you and how you must manage your priorities to reach your goals.

In our new world we will cast away entertainment and luxury and replace it with art, culture, and education. We can no longer come home after ten hours of work to plop onto the cozy couch and turn on the zombie tube, watching of RTM1, RTM2, TV3 for the 'brain washing' session. This will not be a rule forced by the government. A key to maintaining a productive people without crossing the line into a mechanical oppression, is to keep our freedoms, but to cast these things out of society based on a cultural ideal. When we come into power, a new breed of philosophers will rise up, screaming for the people to cast parasitic filth from their lives, it will be the responsibility of the individual on a local level and the collective whole on a planetary basis. Society will shun those that live in decay (entertainment and luxury), clinging onto the feet of the overman, (click, Link)desperately trying to convince you to slow your pace so that he might maintain his grip! (“(But) we said no to expansion that was too rapid). Our masterplan must govern our actions; our concept must permeate throughout our planning, and our quality of life is the reward for our hard work,” - Taib Mahmud). Together as a people we will rise above, not being forced by our government or else we will cry of oppression. We cannot oppress ourselves, only build upon our body and mind with an iron will towards success in this Earthly life (the only life that we are guaranteed).

The Great Mental Revolution will be the point when everyone begins to understand the nature of reality, hopefully a good number of idiots will turn to the route of fatalism and take their own lives so that the overpopulation is fixed (slightly) and evolution can still play it’s part. But when we all see what must be done and that there will be no consequences apart from what happens in this physical, three-dimensional realm, we can begin to look at logical solutions. Nihilism must become a more outspoken philosophy; it appears to be the only one that holds any truth in a universe governed by the laws of reality. The solution lies not in overthrowing the government and controlling the people; that cannot be permanent without the support and understanding of those that you are governing. This must be a revolution for humanity; the government will just adapt itself to a changing population. The solution lies in the spread of this philosophy.

**nihilism - the belief that nothing has any value, especially religious and moral principles. -oxford english dictionary

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